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Beijing dragon -- eastmoney.com blog

At the end of NPC and CPPCC Beijing one after another,Louboutin Ireland, the emergence of a new "imperial estate".This sparked criticism, don't argue!Because it can not find the way to pull move economic growth,louboutin pas cher, can only rely on infrastructure,Christian Louboutin Ireland, every five or six million students need employment.
Do you really want to like some scholars suggest that let them to start? That is actually very naive and childish,Christian Louboutin Outlet, even with money and all kinds of top talent of central enterprises to find new development projects, even to college students to start a business! They can achieve what industry,louboutin! This is shirking social responsibility idea! Must rely on to develop economy to provide employment opportunities.
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br three years o

three years old look small, disk analysis: morning futures opened higher following substantially strongerChristian Louboutin Ireland because a few days ago Substantial premium so stock away is not strong the concept by the positive stimulus railway but could not appear sector rose sharply Dalian plate and solar energy concept early relatively activelouboutin pas cher the remaining plates almost new misfire early strong wine and brokerage today sharplyIn early trading volume did not significantly enlarged Shen Chengzhi also by Saccharomyces influence fell sharplylouboutin the signs that afternoon the market will continue to fall but Guo that plunged the possibility of smallPlease see the following analysis The afternoon prediction: Europe fell yesterday but the A shares was not affectedLouboutin Ireland futures rose in early trading today the main means to see today is very likely the index rose or rose stock up or downLouboutin Outlet the index fell yesterday on the probability decreases in stock market Related articles? Zhejiang Jing Sheng Electrical gem IPO feature cha Don't and trend on album -- eastmoneycom blog The market tomorrow supported under the finishing with "one-stop" services to easily meet the life needs the millions of square meters city complex. season as general manager in the ceremony made important speech he said "the purple Yu Zhen City" project is the group for the first time and the company cooperation development of real estate projects I also group the largest-ever comprehensive real estate project Urumqi city is this body of the largest real estate project oflouboutin pas cher it started construction on my group and country endowment company and city north new developed area development has very important significance Related articles? Zhejiang Jing Sheng Electrical gem IPO feature cha Don't and trend on album -- eastmoneycom blog The market tomorrow supported under the finishinglouboutin,46(1yuan) issued the actual fund-raising total (100 million yuan ) 6. 2011 ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,louboutin pas cher, Changshu agricultural firms bank Guilin Bank of Ningxia Nanchang bank Xi'an Bank of Wenzhou Bank of Hebei QingdaoBank of Chongqing Zhejiang China and Thailand firm financing way of QDII product new product fund products linked to financial products credit financial products category bond-type financial products class of financial instruments product Related articles? Zhejiang Jing Sheng Electrical gem IPO feature cha Don't and trend on album -- eastmoney.louboutin,
data and charts) all or part of the contents of the accuracy, Related articles? Zhejiang Jing Sheng Electrical gem IPO feature cha Don't and trend on album -- eastmoney. To join the 6 of operation of Related articles? Zhejiang Jing Sheng Electrical gem IPO feature cha Don't and trend on album -- eastmoney.
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Super bull market -- eastmoney.com blog

? the market last week continued to fall,louboutin pas cher, the Shanghai Composite Index Friday closing below 2400 points, on the whole week weekly stock index fell 57 points,louboutin, or 2.33%.On the news surface, Friday the National Bureau of Statistics announced in April the main economic data and before investors are expected to remain the same,Louboutin Outlet, but the index still billows out of fashion lose one's vitality.
In frustration of investors start again confused pessimistic time, almost all weekend markets unexpected favorable policies come again: suddenly announced that the central bank lowered quasi gold 0.5 percentage points,louboutin pas cher, in the current economic growth declined in the background, the central bank to continue to release liquidity.
The market estimation, it will release 400000000000 yuan liquidity.However, the central bank "loose cannon",Louboutin Ireland, mid May will cut the deposit rate, but also not exceeding one's expectations.Bank of China Strategic
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The market tomorrow supported under the finishing

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A heart -- eastmoney.com blog

Solemnly declare: eastmoney.com publishing this information aims to disseminate more information, and this site lichangwuguan.Eastmoney.com does not guarantee that the information (including but not limited to text, data and charts) all or part of the contents of the accuracy, authenticity, integrity, timeliness, effectiveness, such as original.
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Market adjustment bottom need how longChina stock

The news surface,the Fed raised expectations of economic growth ,short-term inside won tighten monetary policy ;the euro gigantic drop off the market to the European Central Bank Intervention in currencies expected ,prices of risky assets are short-term crash risk has been released .
Chemicals :Beijing early morning of May 20th, the most recent New York market of crude oil futures closed moderately high .Oil prices in early trading has been in low ,2 p.m.the Fed released more optimistic expectations for the economy ,oil prices began to rise .
Before today, the six trading days prices were closed down .The Fed minutes show, now the Fed is expected this year, American economy will grow 3.2% to 3.7% .This is higher than the fed in January this year, an estimated 2.
8% to 3.5% .In addition ,the Fed is expected to the end of this year the unemployment rate from the current 9.9% to 9.1%-9.5% .Technical :in view of the rebound in crude oil ,is expected today chemical futures plate will all opened higher ,but due to technical deterioration ,were subjected to repression average ,three breed ,plastic by million points of support is obvious ,but on the 10000 attemptto do more, if cannot break through 5 daily average lines were closed yesterday ,PVC strongest ,highest challenge the 5 day moving averagetrading in futures ,overall vibration is expected to fall ,today will on average 5 days, long-term single space should be temporarily out of wait-and-see ,day traders may buy more, PTA is weak, without support pressure, do not suggest operation .
Rubber :Federal Reserve meeting minutes ,increase economic growth is expected to discuss asset sale strategy ;TOCOM glue a small rise ,but oil prices were still pressed glue price ;expert of Department of Commerce says the European debt crisis and the devaluation of the euro seriously affect exports to Europe ;Malaysia commodities minister Bernard Dompok18 in industry conference call ,the country natural rubberproduction is expected to increase by 6% to 900000 tons;Shanghai futures exchange stock is currently more than 2 tons ,stock falls may be associated with short-term funds to do many HuJiao related .
Operating strategy: in the long-term air waybill or to test the pressure near steady at 22000,is the single space reduction, short-term according to time-sharing guidance .Shanghai Oil :the dollar fell sharply ,closed 86.
27 ,crude oil open quotation 69.11 dollars ,highest 71.39 ,the lowest 67.90 ,69.87 U.S. dollars to close,the Dow fell slightly to close 10444.4;yesterday fuel oil spot price showing steady decline trend ,East China market furnace mixing 180CSToffer 4630 - 4650 yuan/ ton ,the mainstream for ship price falls 25 yuan to 4850 - 4900 yuan/ ton ;Shandong market ,South Korea high sulfide distilled 180CSTvaluation of 5060 - 5140 yuan/ ton ,the Russian M100 valuationfalls 20 yuan to 5220 - 5250 yuan/ ton ,therefore the spot market price support in the .
Operation: midline single space on the broken 4512 reduction.Stock index : the periphery stock market fell last night ,today the stock index futures inertia opened the possibility of relatively large ,IF1005 contract positioncontinued to decline ,the turnover also obviously atrophy ,is expected to participate in the delivery volume limited ,historic first delivery or will appear smooth situation ,another gold in the open trading irregularities first ticket ,or speculative behavior degree of inhibition ,but institutional participation is not high ,the market is still unable to reverse the overall continued to show the pattern of speculation .
For the 1006 main contract ,the 2850 line ofthe pressure will be greater ,if not effectively breakthrough ,the price center will run down .Screw steel :spot: yesterday screw steel spot market prices of extent hasten delay only in 30 yuan / or so tons,mainly due to the strong rebound in the futures market yesterday received red and the price drop too fast the market stability factors of stock market declines ,today is expected to shrink .
Futures :yesterday rebar 1010 contract yesterday to continue to rebound ,today in the rising mentality recovery and spot prices expected walking stability or further up slightly .Trends in multiple single note in 4250-4260 ,and 4290-4310 intervalby the surplus ;daily internal timing in the vicinity of the 4220- long, 4200 stop,4250-4260surplus.
Cotton: cotton exchange market started September contract .Grasp the key cotton buying opportunities .Cotton 1009 contractexchange obvious signs, the latter can do more active 1009 contracts,old single can be temporarily held up ,18500can be consideredmore single ,and the only winning one to 18400 line.
The later rise to 19000 abovetarget ,1101 contractswould follow up ,over 17650 can be consideredmore single .And the only winning one moves to 17550 oldtemporarily holding .LLDPE ,PVC:1009 contracts ,fell short of the target of 10000 was in place,the later stages of a short-term shocks ,pay attention to 10100 the following can be considereddo more active ,more than 10400 consider short,risk control at 50 points .
PVC1009 7250 short-termsupport appearance .You can rely on 7250long,actively grasp the opportunity .Soybean: contract in January 2860astrong suppression of attention today ,the line is short operation pattern ,short-term stop-loss consider 8 points,strong support of 2830 attention;below 2890 enters themidline air single attempt to hold more than 2870consideredunwinding ,broken .
Corn :the January contract today concerns the 1955strong support,the line is short operating main train of thought ,stoploss 5 considerations,1945above therecommended approach midline multiple single temporary hold ,and the following 1940 brokenconsider stop .
Early indica rice :the September contract today concerns the 2050lineshort pressure ,midline bear trend continues to hold today this line to suppress rebound ,attention ,short-term operation train of thought ,stop 5 considerations.
Soybean oil :Wednesday night ,beautiful dish oil slightly higher .Crude oil of low volatility drives by rose slightly ,beautiful dish of oil field opened after the concussion higher ,soybean oil and soybean meal arbitrage between the disk on the disk formed a certain support, short-term inside the shock to maintain the situation ,pay attention to Dalian oil reaction today .
Operation idea :last night beautiful dish of soybean oil by oil and soybean oil and soybean meal fell down arbitrage disc support up ,Dalian soybean oil for two consecutive days low shock ,short-term bottom feature is not apparent ,the latter is expected to still have a downward air release energy requirements .
Basic metal :Fundamentals of 1 ,Germany banned naked short the first day of trading ,the euro rebounded, but the market concerns may aggravate .In 2 ,standard bank issued May 18th base metal daily said ,analysis shows ,LME copper sensitive factors include :U.
S. stocks ,the euro against the U.S. dollar ,LME inventory ,the United States Treasury yields and risk index ( VIX ) ,in which the U.S. and LME inventory at present the impact of the most prominent .
In 3 ,copper stocks to reduce 925 tons, the total inventory of 482225 tons .Aluminum stock continues to rise, increasing again from 38600 tons to 4549625 tons.In 4 ,OZ Mining :copper supply shortage situation will continue ,copper demand prospects of the strong .
5 ,to regulate trade behavior, gold on a suspected illegal customers to take two weeks of measures limiting positions .In 6 ,according to foreign media reports yesterday ,according to the Federal Reserve announced Wednesday the Federal Open Market Committee ( FOMC ) April 27th to 28 summary ofdocuments ,a governor of the Federal Reserve in this meeting decided to increase the United States on 2010economic growthexpected ,at the same time cut on the unemployment and inflation expectation .
Operation: copper :copper Wednesday in 6600finishing near the shock,shortly after the pressure is still larger .From the disk, copper fell below 6500 pointsdespite the rebound ,but strength is obviously not enough ,we believe that the last two trading days this week is very critical ,if long unable to organize effectively rebound ,the copper is still as possible .
For copper ,although near pre-low have buying the support ,but cannot be eager to hunters, because at the bottom of the form is not out of the .Operation, still maintain a short temper short-selling strategies ,no large profits ,not recommended for a single night .
Aluminum :Aluminum by the London Wednesday ,but keep the 2000 mark ,see here supporting effective degree .In terms of the Shanghai aluminum ,below 15000 to reignite the buying into ,spot buying order to stabilize .
Operation, aluminium is the metal of the strongest ,pay close attention to the proposal .Fallon zinc :zinc Wednesday Gaokaidizou, close to 1900 points below,intra-day low of 09in October of that year.
The Shanghai zinc ,the main bear still not received hand ,straddle confrontation was the main .Operation air holding a single .Sugar :Wednesday, Zheng sugar 1101 contractlevel after opening day shocks ,close near the high maintenance in yesterday ,closed up +44 ,closes 4701 points ,the operation continues to maintain the band bear thinking ,the days of short-term bull, after buying bargain .
Short term pressure :5150short-term support:4600 Gold:the international gold closed Wednesday back to 1200 points below ,short-term adjustment pressures .In the Europe and America stock market not collective vibration during, the gold market affected and technical selling pressure ,but this does not change the trend of gold the upward .
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